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The real question the Denver Broncos must answer is what to do with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch heading into the offseason.

I think only one remains on the roster, but which one largely depends on how John Elway solves the starting quarterback position in free agency and/or the 2018 NFL Draft.

Once that riddle is solved, here are the pros and cons of keeping either quarterback on the roster.
Trevor Siemian

Why he should be kept: He has the respect of his teammates and ample game experience. He would likely make a fine backup, but the biggest question is how long his psyche would hold up if thrust into the starting lineup again.

Another positive is his current contract situation. He will cost just $705,000 in 2018 to keep on the roster, but with a mere $13,196 in dead money he could easily become a training camp cut casualty without much impact on the teams financial balance sheets.
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Why he should be cut/traded: He’s not a good quarterback and may not even be a good backup quarterback at this point. Of the two, I don’t even think Siemian has much trade value at this point having finished as the second-worst starting quarterback in the NFL last season. If Elway has no desire to move on from Lynch, then Siemian will likely be cut sooner rather than later.
Paxton Lynch

Why he should be kept: He is entering year three and he was universally called a 2-3 year project coming out of college. If the team is serious about its own draft evaluations and expectations, then Lynch should absolutely be given the chance to progress. Unfortunately, in limited playing time and ample practice time, he hasn’t exactly shown much of that progress.

Ironically, his contract situation is also a reason he should be kept. Rather than take the $2M in dead money, the Broncos are likely to invest more time into their former first-round pick.

Why he should be cut/traded: He’s not a good quarterback and may never be starter worthy. If that’s the case, then the best option is to go find a sucker of a GM out there who will think he can salvage the first round pick. As foolish as that sounds, there will be one out there who would trade a 5th round pick for Ty Sambrail… err, Paxton Lynch.
Who should the Broncos keep?

I’m leaning towards dealing both and starting fresh in 2018, but the Broncos are unlikely to go with that much wholesale change in one year. My guess is they keep Lynch and get rid of Siemian, but if I were Elway I’d probably cut bait with Lynch first. From many, many reports over the last two years, Siemian at least works hard and is a coaches dream, so why not keep him in that film room moving forward?

What do you think Broncos Country?