How are the Jerseys

Nowadays, the cheap Nike nfl jerseys wholesale online here and there. But which is authentic? What is Nike nfl jersey you’d ever know?

Nike is known for cutting-edge technology in their sportswear and they didn’t disappoint when it came to redesigning what the NFL would wear. Instead of focusing on major changes in the way the nike nfl jerseys look they focused on changing the way the jerseys fit and feel. Using lighter fabric with a more contoured fit and four-way stretch for optimal movement the jerseys are made to help players move.

The new Nike NFL Jersey is approximately 20-30% lighter than the old Reebok one while boasting added functionality like flywire technology in the collar for a better fit, stretch twill numbers, zoned mesh ventilation and customizable base layer padding. All of these improvements add up to a more comfortable uniform that fits each player’s needs.

The Seattle Seahawks are one team that had Nike completely revamp their jerseys, from the helmet to the logo the Seahawks are taking the field in a whole new look. Most traditional teams stayed true to what they wore in seasons past and allowed minimal changes to the overall appearance of their jerseys.

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